Multirotors and Trees Oh My.

Having already smashed my Blade QX350 you’d a thought I’d be a little more careful.  But no.  On Matthew’s 6th birthday I thought I’d take the Hex out for a spin and document the White Death that had come down upon us the previous day.   If it’s going to be cold, might as well have snow.

So I strapped the legacy Contour HD camera to the Hex and took it out for a spin.

photo 1

Changes since the most recent flight included, the landing gear, and the weight of the camera.   Should have probably re-tuned it but I didn’t.

The plan was simple.   Start it up in the driveway, and execute an Auto-Flight that would circle the property filming the spectacular views.   Best laid plans.

Launch was successful, but when I entered Auto-mode it didn’t go where expected so I manually flew it around for a while.    I brought it back to the launch point and should have just landed.   But where’s the fun in that?  I decided to run it up and down the driveway.

Film of the entire flight is here.   The middle 8 minutes are sped up 2x with some stoppages for admiring the scenery.   Then the crash, and we get to watch it again in Slow-Mo.

Hex Snow Flight and Crash.


Appologies for the high pitched buzz from the hex.  iMovie isn’t real good about letting me tweak that out so just mute the video until we get back to the barn.

If you just want the abbreviated flight, just the crashing parts, you can look here:

We will rebuild it.   Total damage, 3 arms (about $4 each) and a couple of GPS/Compass cables (another $6).

I also plan to transplant the guts from my QX350 onto a DJI like frame making it an DJI 330 Quad Copter.    Waiting for parts to arrive then we’ll get busy.


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