Multirotors and Trees Oh My.

Having already smashed my Blade QX350 you’d a thought I’d be a little more careful.  But no.  On Matthew’s 6th birthday I thought I’d take the Hex out for a spin and document the White Death that had come down upon us the previous day.   If it’s going to be cold, might as well have snow.

So I strapped the legacy Contour HD camera to the Hex and took it out for a spin.

photo 1

Changes since the most recent flight included, the landing gear, and the weight of the camera.   Should have probably re-tuned it but I didn’t.

The plan was simple.   Start it up in the driveway, and execute an Auto-Flight that would circle the property filming the spectacular views.   Best laid plans.

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Another one bites the dust, or will soon…

Shortly after cleaning up this mess.

I turn around to see this:

IMG 0019

This is a rather LARGE Catalpa tree, split down the middle with another 60 feet of it hanging over the driveway…

IMG 0020

I don’t think it will hit the barn when it falls… I don’t have the equipment to get that high and start topping it off, so we’re going to wait. I expect the next storm will bring it down.

These photos certainly don’t do it justice, this is a BIG tree… I’m going to miss the two biggest trees along our driveway.

Time to plant some thing new, something fast growing I suppose, and I’m going to need a bigger chain saw…