Grand Cayman 2022

2 Weeks of fun and sun on Seven Mile Beach.

Grand Cayman, 7 Mile Beach, Scuba footage, 14 days distilled into 20 minutes.

14 Days at Christopher Columbus Condos
7 Days with my parents & 7 Days with dive friends

Scuba Diving:
24 AM/Morning Dives
1 Afternoon Boat Dive
1 Boat Night Dive
1 Night Dive and dinner at Sunset House
1 Night Dive at Eden Rock
1 Charter trip to:
Stingray City, Starfish Point, and Snorkeling on the North Barrier reef (with my parents)

2 trips to The Brassiere (one each week)
1 trip to Union Bar and Grill
1 trip to Aqua
1 dinner at Macabuca sadly shore diving was closed due to the weather
1 trip to Lloyd’s Smokehouse (Amazing Brisket)
1 trip to Casa 43 with Pete from EPIC

Snorkeling at Cemetery beach with my parents

Got to meet Guy Harvey in his studio

Multiple lounges in the ocean at sunset

1 Amazing Japanese Whiskey (IWAI Tradition)
1 not-so-good bottle of Scotch (I’m looking at you, Talisker Storm)
2 bottles of 19 Crimes (Snoop Dog Cali Red)
1 bottle of Caymus
1 bottle of Vodka
9 NY Strips and 4 Filets from Costco

Birthdays for both Claudine and Matthew (AKA Alex)

One drive around the island back to starfish point and cigars from the Cayman Cigar company on the east end

I need a vacation from my vacation

*Most photos and video footage made on iPhone in a Sealife SportDiver Case *Limited video from GoPro 8

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