Getting someone’s attention

The stock horns on the JFR are a joke. FJRandy on the FJRForum makes a ready made wiring harness for the 138db Magnum Blasters.


I’ve ordered up a set and will install them when the arrive. (although I didn’t opt for chrome, they’ll be black as all horns should be)

I need to redo all my electrical farkles. I have far too many things attached to the battery now:

– Battery Tender lead
– Lead for the gerbings heated gear (of which I need to add another for my passenger)
– Power for the Starcom1

The battery tender does dual duty, I power the GPS from that when it’s not tending to the battery.

I picked up a 6 outlet BlueSeas fuse box to redo all of this but don’t know if I’ll have time before the next ride.

bls5025 1223 thumb

More details later when I get to hook all this stuff up.

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