Let the fun begin [FJR 1300 Final Drive Seals]

This starts back here at “My FJR thinks it’s a Harley”, or better yet a BMW.

I received all the seals that I ordered from University Motors in Fargo, ND. (Whom I highly recommend. They saved me almost $40 in parts after shipping.)

Tonight I started tearing into it. I drained the final drive (oil was still pretty clean), then proceeded to remove the rear wheel and take the pumpkin off.

Since it was leaking from the weep hole, I really expected to see a LOT of fluid in the swing arm. I at least expected a good amount. I didn’t find that. I know for a fact it was leaking from/through there as it was dripping.


I also expected to see the inside towards the final drive at the end of the drive shaft good and lubed. It was, but not as much as expected.

It almost looked like it was leaking between here as the bottom of the entire final drive was pretty nasty too, but I think that’s only because it ran to the bottom.

You can see the bottom half (not on the towel) is dirtier around the plastic shield but it’s not as nasty as I’d expect if it was leaking from here.

I’m a little torn at the moment as to which seals to replace. I have them all 🙂

Seal #34 is easy, #12 not so much, as I’m going to have to find that ‘special’ tool.

I’m going to post up on the FJRForum and see what the consensus is.

Update: Well, after inspecting all the parts, I can’t really see where it’s leaking from.  I still think #34 or #12, others on the board thing I have an issue with O-Ring #20 but I’m not convinced.

#34 was ‘dirty’ so I cleaned everything backup and reassembled it.  Did the normal maintenance for this time of year, greased the splines and changed all the fluids.  We’ll see if it continues to leak.

After putting it all back together I came in to find that I’d received the ECU recall notice.  So if I’m taking it in for that, might as well have them fix the seals under warranty at the same time.

We’ll see how it goes.  I really haven’t had the altitude surging issue that others have noticed or had issue with.

Getting someone’s attention

The stock horns on the JFR are a joke. FJRandy on the FJRForum makes a ready made wiring harness for the 138db Magnum Blasters.


I’ve ordered up a set and will install them when the arrive. (although I didn’t opt for chrome, they’ll be black as all horns should be)

I need to redo all my electrical farkles. I have far too many things attached to the battery now:

– Battery Tender lead
– Lead for the gerbings heated gear (of which I need to add another for my passenger)
– Power for the Starcom1

The battery tender does dual duty, I power the GPS from that when it’s not tending to the battery.

I picked up a 6 outlet BlueSeas fuse box to redo all of this but don’t know if I’ll have time before the next ride.

bls5025 1223 thumb

More details later when I get to hook all this stuff up.