Barbarian Un-Mod and TBS

Last Fall I performed the Barbarian Mod on my 06 FJR. Here

While it certainly enrichened the mixture and smoothed things out, my mileage has gone to crap. It seems I’m barely breaking 40 mpg on average, and this bike should do better than that.

I added +7 to each of the Cylinders from the stock values.

Today I backed them all off by 3.

INITIAL Change to +7:

C:01 5 C:01 12
C:02 18 C:02 25
C:03 18 C:03 25
C:04 21 C:04 28

Today I backed them all down -3 to:

C:01 9
C:02 22
C:03 22
C:04 25

I went for a spin and you can definitely tell it’s leaner, and not as smooth as it was. I’m hoping that with the G2 Throttle cam, I would still be OK, but I don’t know.

I did a TBS last Sunday too. It was due.

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