Getting someone’s attention

The stock horns on the JFR are a joke. FJRandy on the FJRForum makes a ready made wiring harness for the 138db Magnum Blasters.


I’ve ordered up a set and will install them when the arrive. (although I didn’t opt for chrome, they’ll be black as all horns should be)

I need to redo all my electrical farkles. I have far too many things attached to the battery now:

– Battery Tender lead
– Lead for the gerbings heated gear (of which I need to add another for my passenger)
– Power for the Starcom1

The battery tender does dual duty, I power the GPS from that when it’s not tending to the battery.

I picked up a 6 outlet BlueSeas fuse box to redo all of this but don’t know if I’ll have time before the next ride.

bls5025 1223 thumb

More details later when I get to hook all this stuff up.

Vista Cruise and 06 FJR 1300

I added my first ‘farkle’ to the FJR today. Well that’s not entirely true. I added my first ‘new’ farkle.

I transferred some things from Zed already. Namely the Battery tender cord and the permanent wire for my Gerbing heated gear but up to this point that’s it.

My Throttlemeister won’t fit and since I’m headed out on a lengthy trip next week not having a cruise control won’t do. I stopped by a local dealer to see if I could get some duplicate key’s made. Of course they can’t do that, stupid of me to think they could.

But while standing around I found the Universal Vista Cruise for $35.00 While not my proffered method, I’d really rather have a Throttlemeister, I’m not going to drop $150 plus expedited shipping to get it here in time. This should do.

I searched a couple boards and didn’t see that anyone had put this on yet so if you’re considering one it was really easy.

I guess there is a Yamaha specific version and a universal version. The specific version grabs the throttle collar instead of the grip, but requires you to drill a hole. I didn’t want to drill said hole. Because like I said I’ll probably put a TM on it later.

There’s plenty of room for this too, I saw where someone cut down the main support with a dremmel. On the 06, I just slid the plastic collar off the handlebars between the brake mount, loosened the one screw for the controls and slid them closer to the right.

I maybe had to move my front brake perch 2 millimeters.

The results are in the photo below: