Day 2 of Home Alone with the kids

Day 2 of Home Alone with the kids. Well I guess that really isn’t fair to say. Today I had lots of help.

My mom took this kids for the day so that I could work and keep my job. Both of those are pluses. Mom’s are wonderful, everyone should have one.

She showed up around 8:45am, we covered a few things, made sure I knew what was going on. That she had a meeting in the afternoon and that I’d meet them at their house for dinner. (yeah! one more night of frozen pizza rolls avoided!). Spaghetti at moms.

So off I ran to do the horse and on to work.

Work was an average day, nothing to complain about, ran a little late, but not too bad. But I needed to run back and do the horse after work. Of course this is in the opposite direction of my parents. I took the time to take photos of Cisco’s eye. A small detail I forgot to mention to my mother. So, they didn’t wait for me to eat. 🙁

I *think* he’s making progress. The vet says we want to see the pupil that’s sticking out turn pink. Of course I didn’t know this so when I was there this didn’t look good to me. I know I couldn’t blink or deal with something sticking out of my eye a 1/4 of an inch. But he seems very happy at this point in time.

No harm no foul. I got there and the food was still warm.

Dad and I chatted about his future website needs we got that covered, and I rounded up the children.

Off to home. Maria was exceptionally un-Maria like, until we got home, that’s when she kind of exploded over Molly being in the bathroom when she wanted in there. Never mind the fact that we have another one downstairs. She was over-tired and over sugared I think. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Currently it’s 9:55pm and they are in bed. I think I’ll go watch Survivor and chill.

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