And so it begins life as a single dad.

It started mid-day today. 3:30pm to be exact. I bolted out of work to meet Claudine at Cincinnati Gymnastics where she was dropping of Molly and to pickup Maria and Michael.

It’s here I am to say goodbye to her and Maggie as they take off for a long weekend in New Hampshire visiting family and attend a wedding.

That’s right, leaving me with 3 of our 4 kids at home; me alone to take care of and feed them on my own.

Well, not all on my own, I’ll have some help. I do still have to work you know 🙂 (Thank heavens)

The trade off at CGA was a mixed blessing; it was to distract Maria from the inevitable. Mom was leaving and she already told Claudine that she didn’t want her to go the night before. She didn’t want her to leave because, and I quote, “I don’t want Dad to be in charge of me”.

We dropped Molly off, talked to her coach about Molly having trouble with a foot, and that she has an issue with Severs.

Ma Ma Lich explained to me how to stretch Molly’s legs to start treating it as well as icing it 3-4 times a day. Something again I’ll have to do when we get home. Something else I have to remember.

But we pulled it off.

From there I had to run her to Maria 5pm soccer practice, wait for that to be over (1 hour approx.), then run back down to Fairfield, pick Molly up from Gymnastics, feed us, treat the horse, and go home and put some little ones to bed.

At the soccer practice, I took that opportunity to nap in the car for 30 minutes. I needed that.

Maria got her invitation to a birthday party and was hell bent on hanging onto her ‘card’. I tried to reason with her. That’s impossible. We have to have that so we know when you’re supposed to go. I need to put that on the refrigerator. Then I realized that I didn’t check with the coach to make sure her game time didn’t change, a call I’ll have to make.

On to CGA.

We ended up with 20-30 minutes to watch Molly. Maria wants to do gymnastics so bad she can taste it. She’s mesmerized when we’re there.

Molly got ‘released’ and we headed to McDonalds. I hadn’t been there in a while with the kids so it was time.

Look Claudine, no coupons!

After diner it was a quick in and out with the horse. His eye is healing (I think) looked rather funky tonight. The hole is closing but it’s pushing some of the pupil out more. I honestly don’t know how he closes his eyelid, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s a happy camper at the moment.

Off to home. I get a phone call from Claudine, she can’t be there yet, but perhaps she’s at her first lay over. Not so lucky. The plane was delayed, so they cancelled her flight, netting us two free tickets in the US as well as a free night’s stay at the luxurious Drawbridge Inn. They get to take a new flight in the morning.

We get home let the dogs out and I send the kids to bed. After about an hour of wrestling with Maria and her fears of Mom dying, I can finally get some work done.

Tomorrow my mom picks up the kids in the morning. 1/2 day down 4 more to go 🙂

So far:
Injuries: 0
Beatings: 0
Deaths: 0

All good.

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