Day 3 + Cheeto’s Report

It’s noon, so far so good.

Maria’s game was at 10:00am.

We all slept in until 9am, which is good and bad. It means that some of us didn’t get to eat breakfast, or enough of it. I made it, but some of the kids didn’t eat it.

We did get out of here on time and weren’t late (bonus), and Maria had her entire Soccer wardrobe with little hunting.

She played great, she continues to improve. She is an awesome defender.

There are some great photos of her in action in the gallery.

The other team had a little blond Pele, who was determined to slide tackle. He got tossed out of the game for the remainder of the 2nd quarter. Maria stole the ball from him a couple times.

In the 4th quarter she scored her first GOAL! It was sweet, she carried it 3/4 of the way down the field, into the box and shot!. Only problem was it was the wrong way… They were winning 4-2, now 4-3. So she was put back on defense. It was sweet though and she didn’t know any better.

There are no more practices for the Cheeto’s. They are good enough for this league. My dad asked them why they win so much and Maria said, “Because we have a big kid that’s real good and and almost big kid that’s pretty good”. 🙂

After the game we took care of Cisco.

It’s a beautiful day. I had to let him out. He went for the jail break when I went for the treats. All of his buddies are out and he knew it. So, well, he’s out. I hope this is a good thing. He seems very happy.

After that we went to pool store to re-buy the items needed to close the pool. We’ll see how that goes.

Currently Molly is fixing the dreaded pizza bites for lunch.

After that we’ll close the pool, and maybe, just maybe take the training wheels off of Maria’s bike.

It’s only noon-thirty, and we’ve done a bunch already. More later.

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