LG Dishwasher – Our Experience

Caveat Emptur

Home Depot item information:

LG Electronics
Semi Integrated Tall Tub Stainless Interior Dishwasher, White
Model LDS5811WW
Store SKU # 143898
Internet # HD0000009493
Catalog # 100385663

First, we are a larger than average family. We have 6 people in our household. We cook at home 3 meals a day so we use the heck out of a dishwasher and we wear them out. We run one 2x a day and have very hard water. Yes, we have a water softener but even with one, we still have harder than average water and appliances just aren’t made like they used to be. I figure 5 years is about the average life cycle these days.

Our last dishwasher was a Kenmore and we got a good years out of it. We broke it about once a year. In fact there was a part in the top that was simply a poor design element. We were able to pick this part up for $8 at RepairClinic.com and I highly recommend that site. But after 5 years of use and abuse if finally gave it up. The pump quit and we decided we wanted something newer. We didn’t have a ‘high-end’ Kenmore but it wasn’t a bargain basement builder model either. something in the $350 range 5 years ago.

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Soccer Report for 10/29 Green Machine

Today rounds out the final games of the season for both the Green Machine and the Cheeto’s.

Game one started in the fog. The Green Machine playing the number 1 team again for the first spot in the Tournament, if they’d win they’d get to play again tomorrow but it wasn’t to be. Camden took them to task again.

It was Maggie’s first year playing soccer, and probably her last which is very disappointing. Her team went 0-9-1. Not for lack of effort by any individual player, but complete lack of coaching. Her team never jelled. Nobody likes to lose that’s a given, and everyone hates to be embarrassed every week, week in and week out.

To Maggies coach:Warning, this may sound harsh.
I hope you take the time to pickup a few books on coaching, and team building. You may have played the game, but playing the game doesn’t make a coach.

Building a team takes patience, observation, understanding, listening, and starts with fundamentals which this team sorely lacked in a number of areas.

At practice, you went through the drills and through the motions but you never drove home the point, a point or any point. “This is how you do it, why you do it, do it until it’s second nature, do it until you do it right.”

You had girls that flat out couldn’t kick the ball. Set them aside and teach them that.

You had girls that couldn’t catch the ball (a requirement for a goalie), someone should have tossed her balls ever practice, week in and week out (wet or not).

You had girls that didn’t understand what it meant to attack a ball, most seemed afraid of it. They needed someone to help them get over that.

They didn’t understand keeping their distance from one another, playing as a unit, offensively or defensively. They looked like the candy league.

It was YOUR responsibility to teach them.

Rather than working on weaknesses and building them up, you separated them and screamed at them. That’s not teaching.

You failed to identify the talents that you did have and put them to good use. Other than to simply put Britney on the right wing and expect her to score every game one against the entire team.

She could center a ball but there would be no one there. Why? Because they didn’t understand why they needed to be there. Someone needs to SHOW then why. Why passing the ball is more EFFICIENT than carrying it.

There were plenty of games this team had an opportunity to win, but you were so busy beating them up for one bad play or another that they couldn’t focus on the good things they were doing.

I think you could be a fine coach if you really wanted to be. You do have the desire to win and that’s great, but it takes more than that. You have to be patient, realize what you have, break things down to the simplest form and drill, drill, drill. You have to expect, then demand the respect of your players, and then respect them for the players that they are. You never had their complete attention, ever.

If you want help with that or want pointed in the right direction, I invite you to go watch the Lady Screaming Eagles Basketball team practice. Watch Coach Floyd run a practice. He’s been doing it a long time. Feel free to contact Claudine or I for the information.

The NHL is back! So What?!?

The NHL is back! So What?!?

Man, I never thought I’d say this. But I’m not sure I really care.

I like most of the world has waited far too long for Hockey to return. The season started last night. How much hockey could I watch on TV? Only a Blue Jackets game on the local Fox affiliate.

1) That doesn’t cut it and 2) It was Blue Jackets vs. the Capitols, but nevertheless, it was Hockey.

With the new rules, you’d think that the rinks would have eliminated the red line? Or made it smaller?

The rink seemed smaller or the guys seemed bigger, the hockey for opening night was sloppy and the guys seemed to be out of shape and sucking wind early in the 2nd period. I turned if off at the end of the 2nd period. By the looks of the score sheet that was a good move.

Looking at the scores from last night, it does look like scoring is up overall. That was their goal and I think that’s good.

But last night, my choice was one game and one game only. I was not happy, and it’s not going to get me back into hockey easily.

It’s not because the players locked out. Yeah that’s the root cause. But man, if you want fans, you have to deliver the product which means mainstream TV, ESPN and other real networks folks.

Anti-Bully Law?

I was listening to the radio this morning while running errands, and I thought I heard something about an Anti-Bully law.

Anti-Bully article on Cincinnati Enquirer.com

You’ve got to be kidding me.

We’re going to pass a law requiring schools and teachers to keep track of bullies and bullying incidents?

Teachers have enough to do now, that’s part of the reason they can’t teach.

Bullying and being bullied and handling bullies is part of life. It’s part of growing up. You can’t take that out of school.

How you handle a bully or not handle one it what defines your character and your place in life. Certainly there are bullies you don’t mess with, and there are some you don’t mess with at certain times. You have to pick your battles, the people times and places. All bullies have a weakness, and you have to learn when and where to take them down. It’s street smarts, and you learn that in life and in school. You can’t legislate it.

Now if someone in school is seriously spreading the hate, then perhaps there is intervention needed. But it doesn’t require legislation to take care of that.

C’mon people.