I don’t care who you are that’s funny right there!

OK, so we’re Larry the Cable Guy fans, right? Who isn’t.

Everyone has to admit he’s one of the hottest comedians these days. He’s a riot, Blue collar comedy tour and all of that.

We heard he was going to be near us at Belterra Casino, and thought, hey, let’s go check him out and have us a good ol time!

Well I don’t think so. You know what Larry’s charging to grace us with his presence?

$75 a seat.
Yeah you read that right Seventy Five Dollars
$25 short of a Ben Franklin
Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

That’s a bucket of beer short of a hundred dollars, a Ben Franklin, and with the price of gas what it is, you’ll end up spending well over two bills to drive from Cincinnati to Belterra to see Larry. Over 2 bills for a date to laugh at regurgitated CD material that you could have had for less than $20 bucks.

Now I’m not denying the man the right to earn a living, but for crying out loud this is comedy after all, and he’s just a good ol red neck like the rest of us right?

But $75 is Rolling Stones or Elton John kinda pricing and Larry just isn’t up to that. I wouldn’t pay that for Seinfeld either. Especially in an 1800 seat theater. Cmon… Smaller comedy clubs are where it’s at anyway. Maybe $75 in a small cozy club, that could be good. But no, sorry Larry, uhuh, Mamma didn’t raise her no dumby. The Blue Man Group don’t charge that much.

So maybe when he comes to Cincinnati, to the US Bank Arena, which holds a lot more people. Then perhaps he’ll adjust his pricing and I’ll get to see him for around $35 to $40 which makes a little more sense.

Larry, you’re letting us down man. It’s one thing to make jokes about us but to try and rob us blind while you make jokes about us is just plain wrong. We love you man and you are one of us, that’s why we all laugh as hard as we do. The truth hurts you know.

That aint Git-N-R-Done with your fans.

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