LG Dishwasher – Our Experience

Caveat Emptur

Home Depot item information:

LG Electronics
Semi Integrated Tall Tub Stainless Interior Dishwasher, White
Model LDS5811WW
Store SKU # 143898
Internet # HD0000009493
Catalog # 100385663

First, we are a larger than average family. We have 6 people in our household. We cook at home 3 meals a day so we use the heck out of a dishwasher and we wear them out. We run one 2x a day and have very hard water. Yes, we have a water softener but even with one, we still have harder than average water and appliances just aren’t made like they used to be. I figure 5 years is about the average life cycle these days.

Our last dishwasher was a Kenmore and we got a good years out of it. We broke it about once a year. In fact there was a part in the top that was simply a poor design element. We were able to pick this part up for $8 at RepairClinic.com and I highly recommend that site. But after 5 years of use and abuse if finally gave it up. The pump quit and we decided we wanted something newer. We didn’t have a ‘high-end’ Kenmore but it wasn’t a bargain basement builder model either. something in the $350 range 5 years ago.

We had been down the Maytag route prior and that was a repair nightmare.

This time we decided to splurge a little, and step up. We knew, or I felt I knew that even if I spent double, 5-6 years was about all I would get. But still if I spent double and we got features that were beneficial like 1.5x the space and a super quite model then it would be worth it.

We had heard nothing but excellent things about LG and I personally had been an LG fan from the gadget side of life. I had been happy with LG phones, etc.

We spent $700+ for the above LG dishwasher.

We installed it turned it on and wow, was it quiet. We had to double check to make sure it was really on. It was amazing.

It cleaned really well too, at least for 2 weeks. Then it started leaving food deposits, and started making some noises that didn’t sound right. So we called the repair line.

They hooked us up with a repair shop close by. It took them a week to come out. Of course it didn’t make the noise for them, but they talked about what could leave the food deposits. Soap that we used, etc, etc. Finally they decided it had to be the main controller board not running the pump long enough and they’d order a replacement.

Two weeks later no part, but we did get a phone call from LG asking if we were happy with our service.

Well, no, not exactly, it’s taking a little long.

They explain to us that they have a policy that if they can’t supply a part in 15 days that they will replace the unit.

Sounds good to us., but it’s 15 business days, so we’ll need to wait a little longer.

So for now we have a really expensive drying rack and we’re back to hand washing. The drying part of the dishwasher works really well. It bakes the food on so hard that you can’t get it off.

Shortly thereafter the repair center calls to let us know they are still waiting for the part.

Another ten days go by and I ask my wife what’s up. She says she doesn’t know but she’ll check. After she calls LG, they let her know they had a system cut over and a bunch of parts simply didn’t ship for like two weeks and ours was one of them. She asks about a replacement unit. The guy cops an attitude and says that takes 4-5 weeks to make happen. It doesn’t really apply in this case any way since the service center will have the part tomorrow.

Well this infuriates my wife so she goes back to Home Depot for relief.

Bottom line is, they have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so LG is gonna get this lemon back one way or another. 🙂

However, it’s not that simple. Because of the way things work, Home Depot can’t really do anything to help us other than take the unit back. I still have to uninstall it and drag it back to the store, and I have to buy another one.

So, we have to start the shopping experience all over again.

We’re going to _try_ another LG, hoping that we did in fact get a lemon.

If we did I’ll let you know. The new one is sitting in the kitchen right now. I’ll install it in a day or two.

If this one breaks down in the next 90 days, Home Depot and LG will eat it as well and it will be the last LG/Home depot appliance I will ever buy. Home Depot can save themselves buy giving me a significant discount on something else but I don’t think that will happen. We’ll see.

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