LG Lemon Dishwasher Update

OK, we’re on our way…

We purchased a replacement LG Dishwasher to replace the lemon. We took care of that last weekend and it was delivered on Monday. I had hoped to install it sooner but it hadn’t worked out that way.

It’s installed now and we’ll be returning the original one shortly as our Home Depot 90 day satisfaction guarantee is running out.

The replacement sounds excellent, at least on the first test Quick Wash. Nice and quiet. Of course the first one started out that way too.

We’ll see. More to follow on this saga.

We did understand from the repair guy when they called that they are receiving a LOT of repair calls on the LG units, this is NOT good. We also understand that a friend of the family purchased an LG refrigerator and that they were supposed to get an accessory or something with it that wasn’t there. Not sure what it was but it took forever to get. I’ll talk to them and find out. Not sure if this is repair related or not. But it sounds like LG might not have their act together in the states.

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