Saving a Lotus T580+P (Part 3)

So following up on:

Saving a Lotus Part 1 and Saving a lotus Part 2

And that didn’t take long.   Sadly no video.  No kids were willing to come out and do the camera work.

Bottom line, it flew and flew pretty well.   Big and slow.  14” props, yeah, not my kind of machine.   I flew it for a good 10 minutes, then decided to try a couple different modes on the Naze32 flight controller, tipped it over a foot of the ground and broke a prop.   So it’s done.

It would be fine if I could source the props, but I didn’t like this enough to a new matching set since I can’t find the originals plus spares to keep this thing in the air.   So I’ll re-use the parts, probably chop up the CF frame and use it for other things.

So there you have it.   Multi-Rotors, the hobby.   About 6 hours give or take, of hard work mixed with fun, for about 10 minutes of flight time.   Certainly if I had more spare parts, I’d get a better return on investment than that.   But c’est la vie.

Still it’s better than spending 6 hours at a steel match where I actually only get to shoot for about 64 seconds Winking smile


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