PSA Shootout Vids

Here are a few of the vids from this years shoot:

PSA Shootout 2012 Palmyra, PA.

Which is the largest Steel shoot in the nation (so we’re told) 600+ shooters, more steel than anywhere else.

Every stage had between 25 and 35 steel targets, with a par time of 90 seconds.   A LOT of people did not clear every stage.  Claudine did!

Crazy Rimfire Side-match goodness:

70 pieces of steel, two texas stars, 90 seconds to complete.   Some of the targets were like 1 inch wide by 3 inches tall on the small plates.   Best I could do was to leave (4) in 9 seconds.   It can be done though.


Claudine on Stage 1 (Yes she kicked my butt on this stage)

Claudine on Stage 2

Me: Stage 5 Day 2 with G34

More Vids on our Youtube Channel here:

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