Matthew and his Remington Model 6


Matthew was given a vintage Remington Model 6 by a good friend of the family, who clearly needs a grandson ;).

Dave rescued this gun, when he picked it up it was in pieces.  He reworked the stock and had another buddy of ours sandblast it and paint it.  

The Remington Model 6 is a great ‘small’, child sized 22 rifle.  Single shot, rolling block.   You can read more about it here.

Saturday was the first opportunity, since he received it to shoot it.

We printed some targets and took it, Matthew and a box of 22LR out to the range.


“I got this Dad”.


Matthew shot surprisingly well.   Lucky?  Maybe.   For the most part he was within 3 inches of the bull at 15 yards, on paper all day.   Not bad for a 5 1/2 year old. 

He was stoked.


First Real 17c Shakedown.

July 21, 2013 Results:


(Other competitors names blurred to protect the innocent, but let’s just say I know 2 of them pretty well and they are very very good shooters.   I don’t know the guy who was A4)

Seriously though, it was a good outing, even though I blew it on Stage 2.   But as someone once told me; “A Win is a Win”.  Smile

It was also the 2nd fastest non-rimfire time for the evening.   Beaten only by Sean, who’s not human so he doesn’t count.

This is my poor man’s 9mm Open/Unlimited gun:


  • Glock 17c (compensated), factory ported barrel.
  • Trigger mods (polishing, connector, lightened striker + springs, 11lb recoil spring, more polishing).
  • C-More STS 7MOA, plus lever so that you don’t grab the C-More to rack the slide.  C-More is currently mounted in the rear site dove tail with the standard adapter.
  • Not shown: Extended Magazine Release (catch).

Last week did not go so well, as I had forgotten to add the extended magazine release, and reloads were neigh impossible at speed.

Is the 17[c] part significant?  I don’t think so.  It certainly makes more noise but I’m not convinced it shoots any flatter than my non c 17, and certainly not any flatter than my 34.

But it sure is fun.

If you’re interested in shooting steel.  Friday Night Steel is a great place to start.   Very laid back and noob friendly.


Saturday Steel May 12th. (Open Gun Update)

First and foremost Maria shot her first match.

She shot the Ruger 22/45 in the Rimfire category and beat some folks!  (9 folks to be exact!)

She’d only shot it previously at our range just a couple of times.

We’re proud of her.


I also shot my new ‘Precious’ G17 Open Gun in Unlimited.   It was it’s first outing.  I was a bit tentative.  The only rounds through it previously were the 80 or so I ran through it to get a load that would cycle it.

I wasn’t that far off the pace set by Jeff so I was pleased.

I followed that up with a DNF at the GSSF meet in Dayton.   (Don’t be like me, case check your ammo people).   I had a bad round that jammed up the gun good, real good.  Had I properly case checked them all I could have avoided that. I didn’t have the tools to unjam it at the match so I had to take a DNF.

Lesson learned.

PSA Shootout Vids

Here are a few of the vids from this years shoot:

PSA Shootout 2012 Palmyra, PA.

Which is the largest Steel shoot in the nation (so we’re told) 600+ shooters, more steel than anywhere else.

Every stage had between 25 and 35 steel targets, with a par time of 90 seconds.   A LOT of people did not clear every stage.  Claudine did!

Crazy Rimfire Side-match goodness:

70 pieces of steel, two texas stars, 90 seconds to complete.   Some of the targets were like 1 inch wide by 3 inches tall on the small plates.   Best I could do was to leave (4) in 9 seconds.   It can be done though.


Claudine on Stage 1 (Yes she kicked my butt on this stage)

Claudine on Stage 2

Me: Stage 5 Day 2 with G34

More Vids on our Youtube Channel here: