Digineer, enough time has passed.

In the spirit of good humor, the “Downfall” of Digineer has been recreated in the Hitler Downfall meme.

(This is just a screen shot, this video will not play in your browser)

You’ll need to download it by clicking the link below:


At least until we receive a cease and desist order.  Note: my inexpensive web-host is crap, so this might take you a couple tries.

Disclaimer: This is a spoof, it’s meant in good humor.  If you can’t see the humor or don’t appreciate it, you don’t have to watch it, after all, no babies died.  🙂


3 Replies to “Digineer, enough time has passed.”

  1. Oh, and I don’t take credit for this, maybe the idea but not the script. If the primary author of the script wishes to step forward he or she may do so. 🙂

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