Watch Repair FAIL

Back in 2006 when I attended Cisco Affiliate Network.

I purchased a Cisco branded Skagen watch.  The price was right, and I was in a mood for a watch and had been looking at Skagen for a while since they are so light and ‘thin’.

On the way home I noticed it wasn’t keeping time and that bothered me.   It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that I noticed if you bumped it at all, the minute hand would just ‘move’.    It would keep time just fine sitting on the desk, just don’t subject it to any movement.  🙁

I called Cisco Marketing to see if they’d swap me out.   Turns out they were the last batch and since Cisco was in the process of changing logo’s there wouldn’t be anymore.

They suggested I send it to Skagen since it had a limited lifetime warranty.

Well I never did, that was until about a month ago.  I printed out the RMA form, included Credit card info fully expecting to be dinged $30 bucks or so for the repair.

A couple of weeks passed and I noticed that Skagen had only dinged me $8.95 (plus the cost of shipping it to them).  Which appears is the standard fee for warranty repair.   (yes a fee for warranty work, go figure).

I was giddy, looking forward to getting a nice and relatively new watch back.

It arrived today.

I tore open the envelope, pulled out the slip and read it.  Work performed Reseal Case & Attached Minute Hand!.

Then I pulled out the box congaing the watch.   I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Where was the minute hand?  Floating around the number 1 and 2 on the dial, completely detached from the movement.   Pfffft.

(in the photo it’s floating over the #3)

So I turned it over to my wife to handle.  She’s good with stuff like that.  At first they wanted me to ship it to them again (at my cost) and that wasn’t going to fly.

But in the end they are supposed to take care of me.   They are going to build me a watch.  (sans the Cisco Logo) and ship it to me and pick up the bumb fix.

I’ll update if that doesn’t happen.

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