Get Off My Land! (Part 3)

This is a follow up to parts 1 and 2.

We have yet to deal with the encroachment at the rear of the property, but that’s coming.

In the front where we removed the fence, things have gotten a little interesting.

We (well I) really thought the neighbors (actually the property owners, not the actual neighbors) would have shown up on D-Day.  But they didn’t.  In fact it took at least two weeks before they did show up.   Or at least until there was evidence that they had shown up.   I had already mowed the newly reclaimed portion twice before they decided to mow their field.

I figured once that happened and no ill words were exchanged we were past that point.   That was until yesterday.

When I arrived home I noticed stakes with red ribbons in the ground right along side of the trees we had planted.   I found that quite odd, since well, when we planted the trees we made sure we planted them at least a foot inside the line.

I wondered if the neighbor had gotten a survey of their own, but as I walked out to the trees  I could see that wasn’t the case.   Boundary lines don’t typically zig zag like this.   Nope, it appears our neighbor simply decided he’d mark our trees with stakes.  Which was rather irritating since that’s basically what the trees were for.   To add insult to injury, the stakes were driven into the root system of the trees.   For their sake, let’s hope the trees aren’t harmed.


I went and got some string, tied it to the pin that marks where the fence line intersects, dragged it out to the pin in the street, placed a pin near the road and tied off the string.

This line clearly shows that the trees are within our property and not theirs.   I removed the stakes and placed them by their remaining fence.   We’ll leave the string for a while, at least until I need to mow.   Hopefully they’ll see it and get a clue.

Now in all fairness, I did mow around the trees, and with my 61″ mower that meant I cut 48 or so inches of their field for them.  But I guess they don’t want that.

More fun (and photos) to come.

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