It’s always something…   We’ve replaced just about every major appliance in our home since we moved into it almost 9 years ago.

Furnace [check]
Air Conditioner [check]
Stove [check]
Dishwasher [check]
Microwave [check]
Washer [check,check (2x)]
Dryer [check]
Hot Water Heater [check]
Well Pump [check]

The last holdout was our fridge.  It was used when we bought it 12+ years ago, but has served us well.  It’s given us a couple scares over the years, and we’ve almost replaced it twice, but space constraints made that nearly impossible.

It looks like it has finally quit.   Coincidentally as we’re about to redo the kitchen.  I’m thinking there’s a conspiracy going on here somewhere. 

Since we’re in the process of redoing the kitchen and knew this was inevitable, we were prepared to move the fridge to another area of the kitchen. 

So after much deliberation (read: arguing) about the size, and type of refrigerator we as a family need.

We ended up with this:

Whirlpool Sidekick Series.

WP-EV187NYRQ Fridge

Now if you’re looking at that picture and thinking "That’s a big refrigerator" you’d be right.   It’s actually two, a full size fridge and freezer, joined together.

When you’re a family of 7 something like this probably makes sense.

It’s not fancy, it doesn’t dispense water, ice, or beer.  But it holds a lot of stuff.   Our current fridge is 19.x sq feet in size.  This thing combined is around 35.

Nobody stocks these which might be a sign that buying them is a bad idea.  I suspect it has more to do with nobody has room.  We’ll find out in about a week when ours is delivered.

Until then we’re still using the refrigerator in the basement that was my parents and is at least 30 years old.   It still works, though I suspect it isn’t all that efficient.

After the kids are gone, I figure we’ll be able to rent out some of this space as climate controlled storage.  🙂

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