The quest to cool the attic

Last year we finished off the attic and turned it into a bedroom for the girls.  It already had base-board heat so they survived through the winter.  Summer is fast approaching and I suspect it will be uninhabitable in less than a month.

We’ve looked at multiple options, we’ve tried fans, but nothing will combat the heat of that big roof. 

There’s no way to get ductwork up there, and the current AC has enough trouble keeping up with the house as it is on really hot days.

We need something self-contained.  The current windows in the attic are too small for any window units on the market that we’ve found.   I did borrow a 5,000 BTU port-a-cool from work and gave it a try but it wasn’t big enough and dealing with the 1 gallon condensation bucket wasn’t going to be an option.  After looking at all the options we’ve decided on one, maybe two of these:

PTAC Door Open 325

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Yep, just like in a hotel.  PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner w/heat pump).

It probably needs two but we’re going to try one first.   I’m a little worried about the amount of electric we’ll burn with two, though but they seem to be somewhat efficient.

We’ll have to cut a hole in the side of the house to make room, but I think it will fit on either side of the chimney’s.  (To be verified soon).

More to follow as this project unfolds.

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