Horse Shopping

Apparently finding the right horse for Claudine and Cisco is turning out harder than we originally thought.

There are lots of ‘cheap’ horses out there and lots of bad ones too.  There are lots of bad expensive horses out there as well.  It aint easy.

For crying out loud we went and looked at one Walker that looked like it was beaten all to hell.  Was missing a shoe and they still wanted $2500 for him.  He almost looked malnourished on top of that.  They thought nothing of having of saddle him up and taking him for a ride to feel his gates even though he was missing a shoe.  (What in the world?)  Of course we declined.  

Of course we’re not looking for just any old horse.  It can’t be too dominant (for Cisco’s sake), and it has to be a gated horse.  We’d prefer another Missouri Fox Trotter, but there are other breeds we’d consider as well.  We’ve looked at a couple Walkers, a Paso Fino, and even a Walkaloosa.  But still no luck in finding the right one.

So if you happen to know of a likely candidate, or a horse that’s gated, of good stocky build, 15 hands or taller, that is sound, and needs a good home let us know. 😉

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