River: Rest In Peace

Yesterday, April 16th, 2013 we laid our Missouri Fox Trotter to rest.  “Red” River was an awesome horse.  Originally purchased to be a pasture pall for Cisco.  He was gentle and smart and fun to ride, except for that one day he decided he didn’t want to be ridden. 


Like Cisco he ended up with eye issues, unlike Cisco they couldn’t be overcome.   In the end they were painful enough that his quality of life was beginning to suffer so we had to make the decision to let him go.

River, you will be missed.

Well we’ve finally done it.

We have 2 horses now.

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We picked up Blaze who’s name will change though, today in Indiana. He’s a 15ish year old Missouri Fox Trotter just like Cisco.

He’s sound and healthy. We brought him home and turned him loose. Cisco was very happy to have a pal to share his new digs with. They did what horses do and felt each other out. It looks like Cisco will remain the top dog or horse for now but Blaze is a very nosey, curious horse.

We had to make a few modifications to the barn. we put up additional railing and a 6 foot gate so that both can come and go as they please in and out of the their stalls and into the dry lot.

Day one went very well. He seems eager to learn and already got a little upset when I took Cisco away from him for a short ride when Claudine was working with him.

Things will be a little more exciting with him around.

Blow Out!

Horse Trailers, Grrrrr.

Claudine was supposed to take Cisco to the dentist. Yeah, that’s right, horse to the dentist. Sure your vet can float your horse’s teeth, but we use a guy who does it a little differently. The natural way, without sedation.

Well that was the plan yesterday, but on the way one of the tires on the trailer decided it didn’t want to go. Luckily Claudine wasn’t too far from home and I was able to break from work and go change it for her. We mounted the spare which was in pretty bad shape itself and got everyone back home.

We’re getting two new tires now, and hopefully Cisco will get to see the dentist before he leaves town.

(It’s always something)

Horse Shopping

Apparently finding the right horse for Claudine and Cisco is turning out harder than we originally thought.

There are lots of ‘cheap’ horses out there and lots of bad ones too.  There are lots of bad expensive horses out there as well.  It aint easy.

For crying out loud we went and looked at one Walker that looked like it was beaten all to hell.  Was missing a shoe and they still wanted $2500 for him.  He almost looked malnourished on top of that.  They thought nothing of having of saddle him up and taking him for a ride to feel his gates even though he was missing a shoe.  (What in the world?)  Of course we declined.  

Of course we’re not looking for just any old horse.  It can’t be too dominant (for Cisco’s sake), and it has to be a gated horse.  We’d prefer another Missouri Fox Trotter, but there are other breeds we’d consider as well.  We’ve looked at a couple Walkers, a Paso Fino, and even a Walkaloosa.  But still no luck in finding the right one.

So if you happen to know of a likely candidate, or a horse that’s gated, of good stocky build, 15 hands or taller, that is sound, and needs a good home let us know. 😉

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Horse Shopping

We’re currently looking for, or are in the market for another horse. Saturday we took a quick trip to look at a Foxtrotter/Quarterhorse mix.

The current owners, have a pretty nifty farm in northern KY, and they invited us down for a trail ride to check out the horse.

They were kind enough to saddle up “Blackie” and another one of their horses and took Claudine and I (along with a neighbor) on a really nice 1 hour trail ride.

Blackie was pretty close to what we’re looking for. He’s got the right stuff. FoxTrotter smoothness. He’s a little rough around the edges and needs some ground manners. But he’s also a little expensive for a “mutt”.

Cisco needs a partner but we’re looking for a horse that we can ride too, not just a pasture pal.

So if you’re local, and have a nice horse, with no vices, that gates, and isn’t too old and needs a home. Let us know. 🙂