FJR Scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance.

Today 8/1/06 Mileage: 3444
Oil Change.

4.2 qts of Yamalube 20-40
Purchased (5) Qts @ $4.20 a quart and a crush washer from Honda-Kawasaki-Yamaha of Middletown (my least favorite dealer) they don’t stock the 20/40 in the gallon jug and they are oh so friendly there.

Total bill: $23.27 with tax.

$.85 for a dang crush washer, I need to buy these elsewhere and of course they only had (1). They only stock (5). These are the same morons that didn’t stock a brake lever when I dropped the ZX-11. The same lever that fits about, oh, 80% of the bikes Kawasaki makes. Go figure.

I already had the oil filter, bought two when I purchased the bike.

I also changed the rear drive fluid (again), still had some left over from the original quart. (Actually did that two days ago at 3200 miles).

I need to do a throttle body sync (again), and tighten my steering head bearings, there is just a little bit of play, I mean ever so slightly. I already ordered the tool and am waiting for it to come in.

I’ve also started noticing a little drive line thunk, at take off but understand that’s just the way it is, I only really notice it if I roll backwards and unload the driveline.

At 10k I’ll probably pull all of that apart and re-grease it unless this becomes a bigger issue.

Throttle play seems to be getting a little sloppier too, I might have to do the throttle mod. I’ll try to adjust some of it out when I do a TBS on the next free afternoon.

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