Vintage Motorcycle Days 2006

Wow, OK so I have missed this event for the past 2 years. Well no more, It’s only 2 and a half hours up the road and it’s a blast. Next year I’ll do the whole weekend I think.

This year Gar and the gang were back for more racing. Let me start over. If you don’t know what VMD is and no it’s not a Venerial Motorcycle Disease. It’s everything, racing, motocross, fleamarket, freak fest, you name it.

Geared towards vintage motorcycles but just about anything on two wheels goes.

Gar and Cooter both have motards. Cotter a DR 650 and Gar a brand new KTM SMX 520. Gar has had a run of bad luck at VMD with bikes that get there and won’t run. So this was to be his year with a brand new bike.

However… This is Gar we’re talking about. On Friday night during practice, a plug that goes where a starter would be in his case (if he had electric start) came out spewing oil on the track and putting a rider down. This angered some folks, not to mention Gar. This is also a brand new bike, and a RARE bike. The plug thing, well, it’s not supposed to come out. In fact it’s hard to get out if you want it out. But, we’re talking about Gar. Being that this is a new and rare bike and this plug isn’t supposed to come out means that no dealer will ever stock this part. Ever. Gars weekend of racing is pretty much done.


Of course we tried to fashion a cover of some sort and with what we had available and with permatex but when I left Saturday it still leaked. 🙁

5817 5837

They re-did the job Saturday afternoon before I left with some super duper permatex and let it cure over night, and it worked! So apparently Gar is racing today.

I spent most of the day in the pits with the guys dorking around with Gars bike. But did wander over and watch a couple races. It’s pretty sweet watching all this vintage (and not so) stuff on the track.

I took a few photos too.

Lots of photos on the gallery here.


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