BobCat’s are soo cool!

The barn, we are getting so close. Thursday night 5 single axle dump truck loads of fill dirt showed up.

Saturday morning they were still sitting there un-touched. While mowing Saturday I had left a call to the Anders, some neighbors down the road to see if I could borrow or rent one of their tractors. I needed to back fill the trench where they ran the electric out to the barn. It didn’t seem as though the electricians were going to do that. Being as this was a holiday weekend I wasn’t holding my hopes too high.

Sunday morning Mr. Baker came to cut the hay, who is also coincidently the person who’s supposed to spread all this dirt. So we flagged him down.

We chatted for a while and I offered to get started, the least I could do was start moving the dirt and spreading it around for him. He agreed and so it began.

BobCat’s are cool. If you recall we used his bobcat to punch the fence post holes. I used the bobcat to back fill the trench, work on the end of the driveway, and fill in a sink hole that just appeared in the yard.

Grading ground with a bobcat is an art, much like doing drywall is an art. It looks easier than it is. There is a lot of technique to it, and working with wet muddy dirt is no fun. But I managed. I got the 5 truck loads of dirt spread over the last two days. We still need the sand for the stalls and maybe 2 more loads of dirt. But no more critters can get in the barn.

It’s going to take time to settle, and there’s plenty of raking to be done. So if you feel bored, or need some exercise, grab a rake and head on out.

Photos are in the Gallery here.

No our barn isn’t crooked, the wide angle lens makes it look like that. 😉

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