More horse homestead progress.

This weekend we added more fencing. We fenced in a smaller dry lot area inside the paddock. This is the place Cisco will spend most of his time. Since he’s basically a pig and will eat himself to death, he gets to eat everything out of this area until it’s gone. Then he’ll wander around in the dirt looking at all the grass he can’t get too.

While punching the holes for these posts, Rick dropped off the two dump truck loads of sand for the stall beds.

We spread those too. This was the final step keeping us from putting the loft and stalls in place.

We called Charlie and that work begins on Monday (tomorrow). Now we’re rounding 3rd and heading for home with the bulk of the work.

Still to do is:

Electrical, the lighting (after the loft and stalls are in) Gravel for lot and driveway, additional down spout plumbing, a well dug at some point and plumbing therein. Of course the tack room, goat have one of those.

But we should be able to get the horse home soon.

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