Opening the pool, ARGH!!!

[tag]Opening The Pool[/tag]

Every year this is so much fun, not. Every year it’s always a treat to discover which gave their life trying to navigate the frozen lake in the middle of winter. We’ve had squirrels, and cats, this year it was a possum bigger than Monty.

I’ll spare you the pictures.

We’ve tried pool covers; we’ve tried no pool covers. We’ve screwed pool covers to the deck, we’ve held them down with water jugs. We’ve never found success.

We gave up on pool covers a couple years ago, but since we got a new liner last year though we would return to them.

We lost our pool cover oh, around February if I recall correctly during a bad storm. For some reason we get high winds where we are and, well I didn’t screw it to the deck this time and it got sucked in, then blown out.

So we left it.

We’re now working on the same process we start every year of converting the ‘pond’ to a crystal clear ‘pool’.

It’s all about the chemicals. With some luck it will be cleared up in 48-72 hours 😉

But at least this year the only major parts replacements are the skimmers (the manual ones) and a couple hoses. No pumps, filters or anything big. (Whoot!)

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