Open Positions at Seapine Software

Open Positions at Seapine Software, I know we’re looking for the following:

A Product Manager. By that I mean someone with serious software product management skills. Someone that is marketing savvy, and technical. Someone that has been around the block and hopefully is in our market space. If you’ve got the guts, drop us a resume.

At last check we still needed a Business to Consumer Copywriter. I’m not sure what it takes to pass muster around here, but apparently you need to be special. If you are tops in the B to C copywriting gene pool, send us a resume.

We are also looking for a PR person. That stands for Public Relations. Someone to get us noticed, keep us in the forefront, help us build brand awareness. Seems like a good thing, and if you’re good at it, then we would have a spot for you. Please note, we’re only interested in good PR at this time. If your idea of generating Press is run around the office naked, or bringing a gun to work, we don’t need that kind of press.

[Update: It looks like we may have hired a PR Manager]

All good software companies have these things. We are an excellent software company. If you’re working for a once excellent software company and wish to feel that excitement again then dog-gone it, get with the program and send us a resume.

Visit for contact information.

[Note: This advertisement is my own; it is not sanctioned by my employer in any way. The opinions expressed here, if there are any opinions, are also my own and they may not represent those of my employer. If you feel you meet the description of any of these positions you are encouraged to apply for them. No offer of employment is extended. Any reference to positions represented here future; past or present is purely coincidental.]

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