Barn Ground Breaking [Day One]

Whew, it was a very productive day. I am spent and sun burnt. I am a true red-neck now.

My man from Tractor Supply showed up bright and early, but he didn’t beat Charlie’s Crew, although they hadn’t really started. After the storms last night the ground was nice and soft and the fog was so thick you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of your face.

We unloaded the poles and fence, and I waited for Charlie. I don’t think I have enough poles. In fact I know I’m 10 short but, this doesn’t look like enough.

The fellahs got busy by 8:30am, squared everything up and were digging holes with Bakers BobCat. Charlie originally told me he was going to rent a dingo but hey a free loaner BobCat is always better than anything you have to pay for.

It didn’t take but a couple hours to get things looking serious.

The Bobcat started acting up, it started acting like it was starving for fuel even though the gauge read full. Apparently there’s a fuel hose thing that goes to the bottom of the tank which goes bad or drops in the tank. We kept having to top it off.

Once Charlie got his holes dug I decided it was time to learn how to use a BobCat and dig some holes for the fence.

We knocked out about 30 posts plus another 10 or so holes today. Only another 60 or so? more to go?

Michael was a huge help with the fence, in the afternoon Claudine chipped in a hand and in the late afternoon Maggie did too. We started to get a system down and it was moving rather quickly. I think we set 7 posts in the last hour or so.

It’s coming together very, very well. We’re putting up standard no-climb wire horse fence with a top ‘sight’ board. So the horse will be able to see the fence. It’s going to look really good when we’re finished.

I’ve created a new Gallery for ‘Barn’ Photos Here so we can keep track of the progress. It’s not going to happen over night but it will happen fast.

By the end of the day Charlie and crew were *almost* ready for trusses:

They could have been but they cut out early on account of this being Easter weekend and all.  With some luck we’ll have trusses ready on Wednesday or Friday.  We won’t get back to the fencing until the weekend after next though unless we find time during the week.

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