Easter Weekend part II

It’s clear how we spent the first half of the weekend putting up fence. Grandma was kidn enough to take the two youngest Saturday so that we wouldn’t have to work around them. She brought them back bright and early Sunday morning to participate in Easter at our home. How she managed to get Maria up and dressed I’ll never know.

We did our completed the basket and egg hunt in due time, made breakfast then crashed from the prior days activities.

Still Easter evening was yet to come.

Easter at grandmas, it’s another one of those times of year when we all get together, hang out and pig out.

This year (2006) was no exception. We started late in the day so that we all could attend to the things we needed to do like putting in fence posts.

We arrived at around 5:15pm. About oh, 30 minutes later than we planned but that’s typical when you have 4 kids, one of them named Maria, to get dressed and ready.

We showed up and everyone was doing what we do best, eat. We joined right in. The Honey-Baked ham was excellent of course as were all the other things people brought. We played basketball and tossed a Frisbee. The kids played in the playhouse and on the play ground stuff.

Finally it was time for the big egg hunt at grandma’s house. The kids had a blast as usual. Maria is a championship caliber egg hunter. Hands down, I don’t think there is anyone between the ages of 5 and 10 that can beat her.

We all had a good time.

Not that I’m biased or anything but I have the cutest nephew on the planet.

All Full Size Photos are in the gallery: Easter-2006 Gallery


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