Barn:Ground Breaking Update

Well, the spot is marked:


Halsey-Meyers had dropped off the first load of goodies (though it was after this photo was taken).

Tonight I purchased 50, 4″ 8 foot treated posts, and 15, 5″ treated posts, as well as 400 feet of no-climb horse fence. With luck I’ll get to use the “Dingo post-hole digger” tomorrow after the guys are done setting the posts for the barn to set a few fence posts.


At a minimum I hope to set the corner posts to get things started. The posts came from Tractor Supply, I was surprised that they actually stocked them in quantity. At the store near me there is a gentleman named “Tim” that that works there who is going to deliver them tomorrow morning. $40 bucks, was reasonable to me. I’m not sure how many I could get on the landscape trailer but I’m sure it would take at least two trips.

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