Springtime Maintenance

Spring time…

Time to clean up the yard, fire up the mower, pickup all the sticks (logs) that have fallen out of the trees.

Ugh, I need to do some maintenance on the the o’l BobCat Zero turn.


It’s time for complete fluid changes. Oil and Hydro drive fluids. I put this off last year because the design of this thing is not so hydro-drive oil change friendly.

Now the walk behind has its issues too. I broke the starting rope this winter trying to start it to move it out of the way. No good.

My record with re-stringing pull starts is not a positive one. I think I’m like 0-3. Generally I end up taking the cover off, and to get to the old rope that’s left you have to take the winder thing out. Somewhere along there, that’s when I here the ‘ping’ and “Pssst??? as the spring unwinds and everything falls apart. I’m not sure that I’ve ever gotten it put back together. Nope, not on a lawnmower, or weed whacker, so we’ll have to see how this goes.

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