Making progress in the Attic


So we’ve framed out the rafters across one side.  Now we need to deal with what we’re going to cover them with.

Our original thought was wood paneling, you know the wainscot looking board, but the unfinished stuff is outrageous right now.  The dimensions are also screwed up.  Still per sq foot it’s probably the best bet.

I did find some nice unfinished flooring at lumber liquidators that would be awesome. (Yeah flooring on the walls) but in this old house it would rock!

I’m going to look into some tongue and groove boards, 12″x some really long length and see if it is in any way shape economical.  I doubt it but it would far easier to put up than something that runs vertically.

Heck anything that runs horizontally will be far easier to put up.

We still need to box in the sky-lights too, but that’s a “We’ll figure it out when we get there” kind of thing.

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