Flip-n-Twist Meet Results

Molly competed yesterday at the Flip-N-Twist Invitational a local meet that was held at Lakota West High School.  (What a nice facility by the way).

She did very, very well.  She came in 4th Overall for her age group in Level Four.  She notched a 1st place in Beam, 4th in Bars, a 7th in Vault and I think 11th in floor.  I might have the last two switched.  Vault is such a messed up event at this level.  All the vaults are same, they all look the same.  I mean it’s really hard to tell an 8.xx vs. a 9.xx in vault.  A good vault is a good vault, and a bad one is bad.  But it’s very tough and the judging for vault really seems to vary meet to meet.

This was her best Beam performance yet, and probably her best Bar routine yet too even though the scoring didn’t really indicate that.

Molly’s final meet of the season will be the state championships for Level 4 & 5 in St Mary’s OH the weekend of April 21st.  We still don’t know when she will be competing yet.

We’re very proud of her.

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