Reds Opening Day!

Wow, it was cold.

I had the pleasure of attending the 2006 opening day game with my buddy Victor. (Thanks Vic) The weather was supposed to be, err, well somewhat poopy. I knew that when I looked in the morning, a slight chance of rain and windy. But I neglected to check the temperature. So I grabbed a jacket, a simple pull-over.
Cincinnati has a huge tradition for opening day. We also had the pleasure of having President Bush throw out the first pitch. What that meant was increased traffic and the land of the free wasn’t so free. We all but got strip searched to enter the stadium. Vic and Michael got relieved of their pocket knives. Micheal’s was especially dangerous, seeing how he was carrying the famous swiss knife “champ”.


While I somewhat understand this threat on an airplane. I don’t think you’re going to hold a stadium full of people hostage with one of these. What was he going to do trim the Presidents nails or give him the hair cut of death with it? Highly unlikely given all the secret service around.

So on top of the ticket prices, and parking, both had to fork over $15 knives to get in. Where do all these knives go? People also couldn’t take in bottled water. I don’t get it.

President Bush was visible for all of 4.6 minutes. At least he wasn’t embarrassing.

The Reds on the other hand, sheesh.  5 runs in the first inning, it was brutal, but at least they battled back.  But Adam Dunn, Wow.  All I can say is Wow.  Now the official scorrer was a homer that’s for sure and he only notched one error, but he should have had at least 2 maybe 3.

Sure the wind was swirling (rolling my eyes).  That didn’t stop the cubs from robbing us from 3 home runs.  He dropped or didn’t catch 4 catchable balls.  (FIVE) Two in front of him, the one he fell down on, one he didn’t even reach for on the warning track, and one along the line.  He looked bad, very very bad.

All and all though we had a GREAT time.  Great American Ball park is amazing.  The restrooms are not capable of handling a crowd of 40,000 people.  At least not the mens rooms.  In the later stages, all hell broke loose, and if it looked like it would hold liquid it was being used as a urinal.  This included sinks and trash cans.  In one restroom the janitors closet was open and there was a line in there at that sink and the mop basin.  Amazing.  Still the line outside the restroom was far too long considering all the options that were now available.  Who designed this mess?  As a tax payer I want some money back.  Oh wait, I don’t live in Hamilton County.
Did I mention it was cold?  Way cold.  But I’d go again in a minute!

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