Attic Part 1 of ???

It’s basically too dark to work in the attic when I get home from work. Well yeah, OK, I *could* put a bunch of lights up there, but hey I’ve been working all day and I’m lazy.

Yesterday I did take a couple of Photos to mark our progress. What you have here is an 1800’s era roof with beams that have sagged at some point in time. Then they slapped some other wood along side of them to help those beams cope. Who knows when. So what we’re doing is placing a 2×4 from the finished part at the top and the wall that’s already exisiting and going to finish the angled ceiling. We’ve set the two end 2×4’s and stretched a couple strings. For the most part we’re good but we’ll have to shave a few of the beams or added on 2×6’s that they added at one time or another. We’ve run a few 2×4’s and that framing nailer is killer.

We’ll attatch what ever it is we’re going to cover this wall with (it aint going to be drywall) to these 2×4’s. Nope, I have no idea yet how I’m going to box around the sky lights. I’ll cross the bridge when I get to it.

DSC_2570.JPG DSC_2569.JPG
DSC_2572.JPG DSC_2573.JPG

If you have any words of advice, thoughts, tips, words of encouragement, etc.  Please feel free to leave comments.

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