News on Zed, not sure it’s good.

Some of you know that Zed has had some carburetor issues. Over the winter I had the carburetors rebuilt and I reinstalled them a couple weeks ago. Well, Zed still didn’t run right.

I took it into the shop expecting that I had a vacuum leak or something that I missed. Perhaps I just didn’t install something right, or the carbs were still out of wack.

Almost two weeks have past since I dropped it off. Friday I got a hold of Randy. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Randy?
Randy: Yes.
Me: This is Matt Disher.
Randy: Yes.
Me: The ZX11, the black one?
Randy:: Yes.
Me: Any news?
Randy: You’re right, that bike runs like crap.
Me: Thanks.
Randy: I just got time to look at it yesterday, I got it apart, got the airbox off, I don’t think it’s in the carbs. I think you have an electrical problem. I got tied up in some tire changes, I hope to get back to it soon.
Me: OK

It’s now Tuesday 🙁

I’m bumming.

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