Larry The Cable Guy – Health Inspector

We just got back from Larry the Cable Guy, Health Inspector.


It’s your standard “B” comedy flick, worth Matinee prices. If you don’t know who Larry is this movie would be a good intro. It’s you’re basic ‘Man’ comedy. Not too rude, but there are plenty of fart and poop jokes. It is your basic Larry comedy fair.

One of the best lines in the movie is “I’ll be right back, I have to take the Browns to the Super Bowl”.

The movie’s story and plot, well, they are what they are. Pretty much what you’d in a fairly low-budget B grade comedy. You have to go in expecting that, or at least you should. Just go expecting a good laugh, that’s what you’ll get and I don’t see how you’ll be disappointed. “I don’t care who you are, some of it is just plain funny”.

The movies website is here. I enjoyed it for what it is.

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