Zed Lives

Ahh, today was a good day…

I took a mental day from work today. Finally a day without conflicts and a day warm enough for me to put Zed’s rebuilt carburators back on. It went remarkably well. I even managed to get the running lights working again.

Zed runs good, pretty darn good, though not 100% perfect. Which reminds me why I should have just taken the whole bike to the shop in the first place. While I do enjoy tinkering, and am mechanically inclinded. There are some things, like carburators, that I just HATE to screw with. It would have been far better off if if I had simply take the who bike to Randy instead of just the carbs.

You see I thought I’d try and save some time and money by just taking the carbs themselves and having them rebuilt, which mostly worked. But now if after a new tank of gas more carb work needs to be done, well Randy will get the whole bike, and the costs I’ve saved will be for not.

Sometimes some things just don’t work out as planned.

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