And the Lady Eagles are Champions!

Today Maggies team played a pretty tough team. A team from Finneytown to be exact in the championship game.

Her game was to start at 4pm. Now we have yet to be at a game all year that started on time but that’s beside the point.

We left the house at 3:10, it’s a 25 minute drive to get where we need to be. 30 minutes TOPS. Except for today.

We hopped on I-75 south and before we got to 129 cars were backedup, it was a parking lot. I figured, well the accident is probably at the 129 interchange or at Tylersville as it sometimes happens there. I’ll gut it out. Nope. I turned on the radio. You know 700 WLW, traffic and weather together on the 10’s. ALL DANG DAY on the week days when you don’t need it. Never when you do? And this Artemis system that we paid for (tax payers that is), what good is that? It took me over an hour to get from Tenton to Sharonville.

Flipping back and forth between 700 and 550, not a mention of this wreck which was actually much farther south between Cin-Day road and Union Center. Apparently it had been there since 11:30am.

Holy @#$%, why can’t they get that on the radio?

I bailed off at Tylersville once I got there but since this wreck had been happening since oh before noon, so had every other person who knew there way around, or thought they did. It was a mess.

But I digress. The game was close, The Eales were never behind (so I hear). We got there just before the half, and the team played very very well.

That FinneyTown team is coached well too, I give them a lot of credit. We only played our best girls for the most part (it was the championship game afterall, and by the looks of things they did the same).

This was a stark contrast to Maggies Soccer Experience where they won only one game and that was a mirracle.

We didn’t have a camera, so we don’t have any pictures of the champs. We’re hoping one of Maggies teamates will forward me a photo that they took.

Molly and Claudine are spending the night in Dublin. Molly has a meet tomorrow. She should do well. Especially since no one is there to see it.

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