Dishwashers suck!

After removing the LG and returning it and installing the Kenmore Elite here are some additional observations.

The LG is built like a tank. The Kenmore more like a Yugo.

The Kenmore is supposed to be quiet. But it’s not, nothing like the LG. Nothing at ALL like the LG. But again you buy a dishwasher to wash dishes. I only ran the Kenmore thus far on a Quick rinse cycle to make sure the dang thing didn’t leak. It doesn’t rattle or make any grinding noises, but you can hear it moving water around in there.

Personally, to me that says it’s washing things. The LG was so quiet, that perhaps it was simply being too gentle.

Installation: Because the Kenmore isn’t a tank, and doesn’t use every square inch of available space it’s much easier to install, except for the wiring. What ever bright engineer put the electrical box on the extreme right with the screw recessed in the back right, and didn’t at the very least make it a Phillips should be fired. It’s hard enough putting this back laying on your stomach let alone up against a wall under a dishwasher. But to have a slotted screw and to be recessed so far that you can’t get another hand on it to hold it is ridiculous!

Of course this means you also can’t get as many dishes in this thing, it’s not a super-tall-tub.  pffft.  It cleans twice as fast so we’ll run it twice thank you.

Now it’s up to Claudine, will she stand for such a noisy $700 dishwasher.  I have my doubts.  But I’m about at the end of my dishwasher installation career.

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