LG Dishwasher Part 4

Well it’s official…

LG Dishwasher’s especially Model number: LDS5811WW sold at Home Depot

Is just basically a lemon. An all around lemon.

Our first one worked wonderfully for about a week, then just stopped cleaning dishes.  Leaving food particles on glasses and bowls.  It also takes forever to run.  I mean a very long time.  The shortest cycle is like 2.5 hours.  Our prior Kenmore didn’t take this long.  Yes it’s still quiet by most standards but you buy a dishwasher to clean dishes, and it’s simply not doing that.

After LG dropped the ball on ‘repairing’ the first one we replaced it.  ‘We’ as in ‘We’ removed it, dragged it to Home Depot, bought another and installed it ourselves.

Again, it ran fine for about two weeks then the same symptoms returned.  More noise, more dirty dishes.  We are pretty convinced it’s the rack design.  You can really pack the dishes in on this model.  The bowls go in so tight that in my mind there’s no way they can get clean.  If you half load the dishwasher it does much better but who wants to do that?  It takes so dang long to run as it is.  So this thing is out of here.

When you spend top dollar for an appliance you shouldn’t have to put up with stuff like this.

Shop around, I think at this time the Kenmore Elite with Turbo-Zone is a better buy and a better dishwasher.  We’ll let you know when we get a month or so down the road.

Thank you Home Depot for you patience and for having a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.  You need to drop LG like a hot potato though.  Because this is simply no good.

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