Construction update

We’ve moved forward.

We’ve found someone we’re happy with at least to get started.

The first steps in our fix up the home project include a new roof, gutters and soffets repaired.  I’m not sure if that’s how you spell soffets but we’ll go with that.

That’s the first step prior to finishing the Attic and turning it into a bedroom for Michael.

This also includes the addition of two sky lights in the attic, including one that opens so we’ll keep our roof access.

At the same time we’re getting new front and back doors.  The carpenter is also going to re-open the 4 attic windows which were windows once and were sided over.  And put in 4 new windows so that we can put a window air conditioner up there if need be.  (I’m sure we’ll need to).

Now we’re dealing with what doors and what window patterns in the door(s).  I really have no opinion on this, honestly.  But for some reason C thinks I should have an opinion.


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