Christmas Shopping Part II

OK, so if you don’t think I’m a perfect husband then just keep this in mind.

I shopped with my wife the day after thanksgiving for 14+ hours, then again on the following day for another 10 hours. I didn’t whine, nor complain. We went out to dinner too on Friday night as well, and I did this all with a broken toe to boot.

Just kidding, I enjoy participating in the event. But it’s getting harder each year. We are blessed. Our family is blessed. Nobody needs anything really, and it’s getting harder and harder to buy for people.

We did luck into some killer bargains though. Some Black Friday left overs that I can’t write about at this time as it wouldn’t be appropriate. Let’s just say some folks are going to really appreciate Santa this year.

I am truly amazed at what people do buy, at the crap that’s available and at the number of places to shop. The economy can’t be as bad as the news would have you believe. Ever place we went was unbelievably crowded. Far worse than any of the last 5 years that I can remember.

Gas prices all under $2.00 a gallon every where.

The only unpleasant experience we ran into was at BestBuy, but maybe I’m jaded, as I said prior, I just don’t like em. I had a really crappy experience with them a couple years ago with a digital camera that didn’t work and returning it cost me more money than they made profit wise on the original purchase (10% restocking fee if I recall correctly) on a $1000 camera, that’s $100 bucks. For what amounts to a defective camera. I don’t like they way you are hounded and hassled at Best buy.

There’s a post over on DataPoohbah about them changing their Black Friday deal for XBox 360’s and making those that stood in line buy bundles. This wouldn’t surprise me at all.

The final results for the weekend were positive. We completed our goal of knocking out 80% or more of our shopping. It was harder than it should have been but it’s done and over with.

There are holes here and there and some gaps to fill but we’re almost there.

I’m interested to see what gets reported to the markets next week. In any event as stores restock, more sales are around the corner leading up to the holiday. There are still deals to be had.

Happy shopping 🙂

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