Bengals, take notice, they are 8-3

Todays game was rather boring actually. They jumped out on top of the Baltimore Raisins an put them in their place. How Pittsburgh lost to these guys I’ll never understand. But that’s how it goes some times, you have your running game working and a few turn overs go your way I guess.

After running up the score 34 to zip, the Bengals let up and I’m sorry they did. I remember the Ravens running up the score on the Bengals a few years ago and not looking back. I thought Marvin might be bringing that one back to haunt coach Billick. But apparently not.

We played loose and let them back into the game. Before you knew it Baltimore put 21 points on the board and almost made it a game.

I understand and respect the fact that you may need to rest players and a win is a win. But we’re still establishing ourselves and a shutout would have been HUGE to that effect. Giving up 21 points to a team with an anemic offense doesn’t bode well with me despite the fact we shut them out for 2 and a half quarters.

But we won. I don’t think the Steelers will get past the Colts, which will put us in sole possession of first place after this week in our division. Then our destiny is truly in our hands the following week as we take it to Pittsburgh.

That will be the game.

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