14 hours of Black Friday Power Shopping

Holy Moly what a year!

Nobody can complain about the economy that’s all I have to say!

About 5 years ago my wife decided for her birthday (Which falls on Nov 30’th) that we’d take the day after Thanksgiving and knock out the bulk of our Christmas shopping. I let her talk me into it.

It was the easiest thing we ever did. Really. No lines, no traffic No nothing the last 4 years. A LONG day sure, but we’ve had fun and enjoyed the day together taking our time and getting the bulk of our shopping done in one day.

I’m not kidding. What’s billed as the busiest day of the year simply was a piece of cake for us. Most malls and stores were empty. We’d get front row or near front row parking everywhere. Now I worked retail for a number of years and I know what this day is capable of being but for the last few years, it has not been bad at all.

This year was very, very different. Butts and elbows everywhere. We didn’t even attempt to get up early. Didn’t even drop the kiddies off at the in-laws until 10 am to avoid the BIG rush to get the uber bargains. To me that’s just not worth the hassle.

Our first stop was at Kohl’s, and I kid you not at 11:30 am the check out lines wrapped half way around the store. (Sheesh).

More on this day later, in depth but I’ll leave you with a couple tid-bits.

I do a fair amount of Internet shopping. Best Buy, you didn’t get a DIME from me this year. Here’s why.

Every time I went to your website from Thursday night on, this is what I saw:

Not good. I never got a good chance to see what you had on sale. We did stop by and browse the store, but I can’t stand you’re return policy anyway so you lose.

I almost bought this camera online from Circuit City.

After all I was saving almost $10,000 dollars 🙂

Man you’d think as important a day as this was and as far as the internet has progressed companies would have their act together when it comes to this stuff.’

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