LG Lemon Dishwasher Part 3

If you’re not up to speed here check parts one and two.

OK, we have returned the “Lemon” to Home Depot, siting their 90-Day satisfaction guarantee as the reason. No questions asked, the took it back.

Of course it still looked new and we gave them all the instructions and everything from the second (new) dishwasher. You can’t save the box, as soon as you open it all the stuff to keep it from getting crushed just falls to the side. No way I was going to try and put that back together.

I installed the second unit, ran it empty and it was as quiet as the first one.

Here we are about two weeks later give or take. We’ve had a couple of noises, that didn’t sound normal to us, and a couple of things come out with baked on food again. Just a couple items mind you, not the whole load.

We’re keeping an eye on it. If it gets worse this sucker is going back and we’re swearing off LG. Next up will be the:

White Kenmore Elite TurboZoneā„¢ Dishwasher
Sears item #02217052000 Mfr. model #17052

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