Bengals, keeping it interesting…

Based upon who the Bengals have beaten thus far, I really didn’t think they had a chance today. There’s still 4 minutes to go and they are down by 11. Indy just flat out wasted a possession and they are giving us the ball back with 3:49 to go. *That* I don’t understand.

Indy is good, that good. Are the Bengals that good? not yet, but they did impress me a bit today. I had pegged them losing today 31-17. The fact that they put up 34 points at this point impresses me because they’ve been getting it handed to them all day and they didn’t fold. That is HUGE.

Yes, I’m going to say it. The Bengals are for real, they are a top 8 team in a league of 32 teams. Top can 8 get you to the playoffs, and luck might carry you to the SuperBowl but you’ll probably be blown out when you get there. You need to be a 4 team to be a dominating force, to truly be respected on both sides of the ball.

Palmer was just sacked and they just gave up another 5 yards on top of that with a false start penalty. Top 6 teams don’t do that.

Yeah, I’m hard on the Bengals. They’ve sucked for so long. They got us all hyped up for the Pittsburgh game and got their butts kicked. This game wasn’t all that different. It was a game at halftime sort of but they were behind and hadn’t shown any ability to stop Indy all day. The feeling in the gut at halftime wasn’t good.

Their only saving grace was that Baltimore beat Pittsburgh today. But we play Baltimore next week and they aren’t as bad as they have been.

We ran all over Indy, what do you think Pittsburgh will do? Pittsburgh has a better chance to knock off the undefeated I believe, if they have Ben back.

The Bengals gave them a game though, at least offensively. Again, Bengal mistakes led to their loss. They stopped stopped themselves, more than the Colts stopped them, and that’s not a good thing.

All and all though I’m pleased with the way the Bengals played. It’s still a loss, but it’s a respectable loss given the opponent and our lack of any away to stop them what-so-ever.

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